Brother International

Brother manufactures home, home office, and business products, as well as industrial solutions and is headquartered in New Jersey. Their products include printers, all-in-ones, label printers, fax machines, commercial and home sewing equipment and much more. We have been working with Brother since 1993, and our work with Brother has covered not only their retail and commercial products; but we have also developed key materials used to present Brother to its corporate customers and employees, and to reinforce its branding across its entire line at retail we created. The need for Brother to continually innovate, has allowed us to create completely new packaging design for them on several occasions. These designs extended to every new printer and all-in-one in the Brother line, and most elements used for their retail cycle; including product packaging & mylars, in-store demo pages, print collateral, online product tours, sales collateral, and channel-support pieces.