What we offer

Quick Answers
Do you have a list of services you provide?

Yes. A partial list follows:

Market research and competitive analysis
Marketing planning and strategies
Marketing program management
Media research, planning and execution
Sales promotion program planning and execution
Public relations program administration
Print and broadcast advertising: creative, execution, and placement
Direct response program development, creative and execution
Telemarketing program development and administration
Trade show planning and execution
Print and electronic literature development, creative, and execution
What do you offer that’s different from anyone else?

Our specialty is efficiently marketing somewhat complex – often highly technical – product or service concepts in highly competitive environments to very intelligent people making rational business decisions.

Our entire business structure and business processes are predicated on that as the reason for our existence.

As such, our marketing and creative approaches are more driven by intense product/service and marketplace knowledge than intuition. We are more willing to learn – and comprehend – the details of our clients products and services, and the dynamics of the marketplaces in which they compete, than many others apparently are.

So what we offer that’s different is true knowledge-based marketing that meets all the information and decision-making needs of our intelligent prospects creatively, rather than simply impressing our clients and their prospects with how “clever” we are.

Clever may get attention, but logic and knowledge actually sell through products and services.

Where can I see samples of your work?

Go to our Work section to view various categories of work we’ve produced. For brief case studies of some things we’ve accomplished, go to our Clients section, and then click on Experience.

What kind of agency are you?

We’re a marketing agency that does advertising. Not an advertising agency that sometimes gets involved in marketing.

Everything we do is defined by marketing. Everything is planned out in advance. Every tactical element – every ad, direct mail or direct e-mail, printed or electronic brochure, presentation, Web site, microsite, or other piece we do – fulfills a part of our client’s marketing strategy.

There are many fine advertising agencies out there. But as one of our clients once said to us, the difference between their regular advertising agency and us was that we “get it” when it comes to business and industrial markets; we know how to create work to sell through products and services to business decision makers. (Their other agency is excellent at doing more consumer-oriented work.)

Do I have to become a “full-service” client to do work with you?

All of our clients work with us on a “project” basis. Even clients who’ve worked exclusively with us for many years, as well as clients who routinely work with multiple agencies.

Within those projects, we provide whatever our clients need. As much or as little as they need. So every client we have is a “full-service” client, project by project.

If you become a client, you’ll automatically be a “full-service” client in our view. But if you’re asking about whether you have to sign up for some kind of exclusivity to do business with us – where you can only deal with us for everything – the answer is no. And there are no monthly “retainer” fees, either.

Think of us as a parallel marketing entity to the one you have already, but with an enhanced range of services. We can supplement what you have, add depth when necessary, and give you alternative opinions and advice. Plus, we can also develop and execute promotional and other programs all the way from initial planning to the final creative and placement process.

Our goal is to provide as much or as little as you need to successfully promote and sell your products and services. Simplistic as that sounds, it’s true.

For some clients, we do all the creative for their collateral, packaging and point-of-sale displays. Others use us to create ads, which are then placed by another of their agencies. Some use us for everything you’d expect – and more – from a full-service agency, from building and administering their marketing plans to developing their sales presentations, on-line presence, outreach direct response efforts, lead generation and fulfillment programs, and a variety of sales-channels support programs.

In short, what we offer is simple: You can make one phone call to us, tell us what you want to do, and by when, and we’ll make it happen.