The majority of our work is done for clients selling products and services to other business people. Some of those business people are making decisions for very large organizations. Some are making the decisions for departments they manage, small businesses they own, or for themselves to equip a home office.

The common thread is that these are typically "reasoned" decisions. Our clients' prospects weigh the merits of their arguments carefully, and process the information analytically. They're not acting on impulse. They're not choosing between, say, one shower curtain color or another.

They are making a "considered" purchase; one that usually carries a more significant commitment, and as such requires a more logical and thoughtful presentation of the facts, features and benefits of that product or service.

That's what the majority of our clients have in common. And where we excel.

Client History


Acsis, Inc. (supply chain management middleware)
AmeriQuest Technologies (computer products/services distribution)
Brother International (office machines, printers, labelers, laminators, service and e-commerce)
Comcast Commercial Online (high-speed cable-modem access)
Commodore Business Machines (CD-ROM multimedia titles)
Crowe Chizek LLP (Baan software reseller and systems integrator)
Dynamic Strategies, Inc. (managed IT services)
EDI*Able (Electronic Data Interchange software)
Eastern Telelogic Corp. (fiber-optic telecommunications)
MaxTech/GVC (modems, network peripherals, notebooks, monitors)
Microdyne (networking hardware and software)
Olivetti Office USA (PCs and printers)
Princeton Graphic Systems (high-res monitors and scanners)
Prophet 21 (RS/6000-based distribution system management software)
Raidtec (mass storage solutions)
SafetyNet (parental control solutions)
Unisys (servers)
Vaticor (IP infrastructure management services)
WinSpy (computer monitoring solutions)


Advanta Corp.
Colonial National Bank
KPMG Peat Marwick
Laventhol & Horwarth
Reuters (online trading)


Barrack, Rodos & Bacine
Bryn Mawr Dental Associates
Integrated Compliance Solutions
The Outsourcing Partnership


American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)
Bisk/Totaltape (online and software-based accounting reviews and CPE, and online BA, BS, and MBA-degree programs)
Foundation for Accounting Education (NY Society of CPAs)
MicroMash (accounting and legal education software)
Dentalife (professional education seminars for dentists/hygienists)


Amacoil/Uhing (linear drives)
Asbestos Control Technology, Inc.
FMC (flame retardants)
ICS Learning Systems Business & Industrial Training
Moore Transport (manufacturer-to-dealer automotive delivery)
Seaview Thermal Systems (environmental site remediation)