Better service by design

Quick Answers
Aren’t you like most ad agencies?

Not really. We’re structured differently – there’s no defined “wall” separating account management and creative, for example. Account managers here are good writers as well as planners and administrators. Designers often have direct contact with clients. Everybody here is briefed every morning on every project so there’s no need for separation. Also, by having clients work directly with creative – either with the account manager or the designer – things move faster and more productively.

Are you a “full service” agency?

We provide full service to every one of our clients – whatever they need, we will provide or arrange for it, if they like. It’s really that simple, and that easy for our clients. They have a single point of contact for anything they need. If we don’t have a service they request, we’ll arrange for it and take responsibility for supervising it.

Do you use freelancers?

We rarely use freelancers, except for technical programming/scripting issues, photography, and even then we only work with those folks we already know. So if you’re a freelance copywriter or designer or artist, please do not “bomb” us with samples of your work hoping to change our mind. We won’t change our mind, and sending us your stuff repeatedly dramatically minimizes your already miniscule chances of ever getting an assignment from us.

Why haven’t I heard of you before?

We’re more interested in promoting our clients’ products and services than promoting ourselves. We don’t have a “new business” function here; most of our clients come to us by referral. Consequently, we don’t issue press releases, run ads for ourselves, etc. Most of our clients are not here in Philadelphia, either, although the bulk of our suppliers and vendors are. And since we don’t aggressively solicit new clients “in play” we rarely bump into other agencies in our local area.

What awards have you won?

None, directly, as far as we know, primarily because we don’t enter our own work into the awards competitions – we’re usually too busy doing our clients’ work to take time out for this. However, some of our clients have won prestigious national and international awards based on the work we’ve done for them. More power to them – they deserve the credit, anyway.

Who are your clients?

We’ve done projects for a lot of good organizations over the past couple of years. These include, alphabetically: Acsis, Inc.; Barrack, Rodos & Bacine; Brother International; Computer B.O.S.S. (SafetyNet & WinSpy); Dynamic Strategies; Experian; Glowpoint; Integrated Compliance Solutions; InterDigital; International Direct Response; MicroMash; Moore Transport; The Outsourcing Partnership; Wire One Technologies; The Vatican; and Vaticor. For more on each, go to our Work section.

We are optimized to provide highly responsive and extraordinarily personalized service to a small number of clients, who we strive to keep for a very long time.

To do this on a consistent basis, we're structured very differently than most agencies, have a somewhat different set of priorities, and also must be much more selective in our choice of clients and employees.

We decided early on to restrict the absolute number of clients, as well as the types of clients we would best serve, to provide the best service possible. Also, we do not redirect our resources from existing clients to solicit new clients; the vast majority of our growth comes from within existing clients or by referral. And it's extremely rare for us to accept new clients without a solid referral.

Focusing on fewer clients, and ensuring that those clients are the right clients, allows us to provide each of them with more timely and personalized service.

To improve the velocity and accuracy of every project, we broke down the walls between client services and creative, streamlining the process. The account person who works daily with the client writes the creative strategies, and then directs and may actually write the creative on that client's projects. So there is complete continuity between the initial input received from the client, the strategy, and the final result – which minimizes miscommunication and wasted time.

The net result has been to provide a much faster and more accurate path from discussion with a client to the final product from the agency.

Finally, from the beginning, Kenney Marketing was also designed to test and validate a core management belief:

Treating people well – honorably, and with respect and courtesy at all times – does not impede success, but enhances it. And if you treat your clients and employees well, they will reward you – clients, by giving you more work; employees, by being more creative and productive.

Can any agency that operates like this survive and prosper in today's business world? That’s what this experiment is all about.

Since it began in 1988 the experiment has worked well. And continues today.