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Quick Answers
What kind of agency are you?

We’re a marketing agency that does advertising. Not an advertising agency that sometimes gets involved in marketing.

Everything we do is defined by marketing. Everything is planned out in advance. Every tactical element – every ad, direct mail or direct e-mail, printed or electronic brochure, presentation, Web site, microsite, or other piece we do – fulfills a part of our client’s marketing strategy.

There are many fine advertising agencies out there. But as one of our clients once said to us, the difference between their regular advertising agency and us was that we “get it” when it comes to business and industrial markets; we know how to create work to sell through products and services to business decision makers. (Their other agency is excellent at doing more consumer-oriented work.)

What do you offer that’s different from anyone else?

Our specialty is efficiently marketing somewhat complex – often highly technical – product or service concepts in highly competitive environments to very intelligent people making rational business decisions.

Our entire business structure and business processes are predicated on that as the reason for our existence. As such, our marketing and creative approaches are more driven by intense product/service and marketplace knowledge than intuition. We are more willing to learn – and comprehend – the details of our clients products and services, and the dynamics of the marketplaces in which they compete, than many others apparently are.

So what we offer that’s different is true knowledge-based marketing that meets all the information and decision-making needs of our intelligent prospects creatively, rather than simply impressing our clients and their prospects with how “clever” we are.

Clever may get attention, but logic and knowledge actually sell through products and services.

Do you take clients who aren’t high-tech or service providers?

We do have several clients outside this narrow band. Some are offshoots of our more traditional technology-based clients. Others started with us on a technology-related project – such as designing a Web site – and then expanded their work with us into other areas.

The defining point of whether we take a client or not really doesn’t have much to do with the type of product or service they sell. We are more interested in the market they wish to serve, the way they sell into and through that market, and ultimately whether we believe we can help them do a better job.

Where can I see samples of your work?

Go to our Work section to view various categories of work we’ve produced. For brief case studies of some things we’ve accomplished, go to our Clients section, and then click on Experience.